Mylearning.ai exists to make developers happier and more productive.

Mission Statement and Manifesto

Content we Provide

We produce content about complex technical subjects for developers and entrepreneurs building software products.

Services we Provide

We provide support through various services in addition to content production.

  • Chat via Slack
  • Open Source Code via Github
  • Video and Live Streams via YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are You?

Jeff Delaney

How did you build this Web App?

With JavaScript of course. More specifically, the UI mostly relies on Web Components via Angular Elements. User auth and all backend cloud resources are handled by Firebase. The static HTML and content is managed with Hugo - it’s the JAM Stack on steroids.

What Tools do you Use?

I built my computer with my bare hands and mostly write code with VS Code on Ubuntu. I produce videos with Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects. I create graphics with Figma.